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My Favorite Beverage January 30, 2010

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Have you ever played that game where you and your friends decide which movies/albums/etc you would bring if you were going to be stranded on a tropical island?

Well I’ve played a variation on that game where we decide what we’d want to drink if we were in the desert dying of thirst, and just when we were about to keel over, we reached an oasis–replete with beverage bar. Over the years, my answers have changed: at one point, I thought skim milk was the most refreshing beverage on the planet. Ugh! What was I thinking? Of course, when I was 13 I used to drink soy sauce just to gross people out, so maybe I wasn’t the brightest bulb back then.



Anyway, after milk I decided that a nice, cool glass of orange juice with crushed ice sounded like heaven after a long slog through the saharan desert (or any desert, really). That one stayed at the top of the list for years, until I got acid reflux disease. Then I suddenly had very little interest in acidic orange juice, so I switched over to my new pH balancing beverage of choice: Mineral water with fresh lemon juice.

Mmmmmm, now THAT is the most refreshing beverage on the planet, I tell you. I’ve tried most of the popular brands of mineral water, and limes instead of lemons as well. I like all the mineral waters that I’ve tried, but my favorite is still San Pellegrino, followed closely by San Faustino.

So what’s your favorite thirst-quenching beverage after a long day’s trek through the burning sands?


2 Responses to “My Favorite Beverage”

  1. Marley Says:

    You know what the most refreshing beverage on the planet is>? It is just plain tap water that is really cold lol. Thank you for wasteing part of my life. It made me thirstyyyyy 🙂 For tap water. But man you need more blog posts!

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